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Reinventing the ID Bracelet

tina tang

Lately, I have been thinking about my motto for this year, and I want to be reminded of it constantly.  Thus, I created my own reinvented ID bracelet with a personal engraving.I have it on right now and realized that someone else might want one for herself.  The custom ID bracelet is available on my website now.I didn't want some cheesy saying or motto, nor my name on it.  My writer friend, Patti Kim, came up with the word as she thought about my personal path this year.  I love this word, "metamorphosis"!Subtle, delicate, yet strong.  (Like all us ladies).  I chose Century font for a classic look.I would love to hear what your motto or word theme is for this year.  If you are interested in securing one for yourself, you can do it here.

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