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Reinvention of jewelry. #TinaTang

tina tang

Often, I am not satisfied with a design and think of how it can be improved after I have it polished and completed.  The Gotham Girl words line needed an improvement on the stud earrings.  I took the Love studs, which few people have tried on, and I've made it into a ring.  I just picked this up from my casters. I think the ring is much more fun! The ring came from this original design idea:The Love studs are cute and just needed alternate use.I also made new Star and Clover hoops since the originals were a little large for most people, except for my lovely client and friend, Suzanne Jordan, who rocks the original Star Hoops.  My new Squiggle Ring was amongst the lovely items picked up. Looking forward to the final touches on these new revised pieces.Reinvention of designs, just like what's going on in my life right now... it's always about improving and redesigning.   What are you working on in your life?

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  • 8/13/22




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