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Reinvention: Snake Earrings to Rings. #TinaTang

tina tang

I've mentioned before that the wonderful characteristic about designing jewelry is that one piece can morph into something completely different.    I had designed snake hoops that very few people were interested in, even though I myself love them!After sitting in my inventory drawers for too long, these neglected little snakes are now delicate rings:Snake Rings by NYC Jewelry Designer Tina TangNaturally the one I wear is the gold diamond ruby version.You would never know that originally these rings came from this hoop earring design:Silver Snake Hoop Earrings by NYC Jewelry Designer Tina TangTakes a very original woman wanting to rock these Engraved Snake Hoops. I experimented with the idea and made a pair of rings for myself to test drive:Delicate and edgy at the same time.I haven't taken them off since making them and thus decided they need to be done in sterling silver using the silver snake hoops to create the ring models.Silver Snake Ring by NYC Jewelry Designer Tina TangI agree, diamonds and ruby eyes are needed.Reinvention, isn't that what we are constantly doing with ourselves as we work toward self improvement?Have a wonderful weekend, beautiful!

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