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Renew Your Closet

tina tang

As another new month begins for the year 2010, I revisited some of my new year’s resolutions for 2010 I compiled in early January, one of my top being ORGANIZED. Marie Claire interviews the “closet guru” Nancy Klompus who shares her top “5 Tips for a Clean and Stylish Closet”. She shares her expertise on giving your closet and wardrobe a makeover! Marie Claire also has “8 Tips to Double Your Closet Space” that should leave us all feeling cleaner, lighter, and happier about our closets. My personal suggestions to organizing your closet are: 1. Discard: We all have pieces of clothing that we swear we are going to wear one day, whether it consists of those skinny jeans or clothing we do not wear anymore, it is time to let them go! Great ways are to sell unworn clothes with tags online through or or to donate slightly worn clothing to organizations such as 2. Maximize your Space: An option to maximize the space in your bedroom and closet is to find clever ways to store your clothing. Look around your room and find ways to place certain types of clothing. I use my bookshelf to store books, perfume/lotion/bottles, and sweaters on each separate shelf. I also use individualized document boxes for my folded undergarments, belts, hats/gloves. 3. ArrangeOCD? I think not, just a visually pleasing manner of storing your clothes!  Using identical and slim hangers suggested by Nancy Klompus presents a visually clean and organized closet. I always fold all my t-shirts, tanks tops, and long sleeves the same way. This youtube clip is a great and easy way to minimize your drawer space and catalogue them by color! 4. HabitThe chairs in my room became places for me to throw and pile my clothing on. In the spirit of getting organized I got rid of all the chairs in my room! It now forces to me hang and fold all my clothes rather than piling them. Transform your bad habit! If you have any other suggestions, please share!

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  • Thanx for the comment! I also love the Olsen twins… so young and wise hehe
    Thanks for reading!


  • WOW..I just had a closet installed and seriously want to blog about it with your thoughts! You are totally on to some amazing organizing ideas. Love this!


    Kimmy Davis


  • nice tips!

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