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Return to Simplicity…

tina tang

By JudyTimes of economic hardship are upon us as well as the dark days of winter, New Yorkers in typical New York fashion are hanging tough. Everyone’s thinking “when is this shit going to end?” or possibly “will Baracko Man save the day? if so, how long will it take?”. In complete humbleness we stumble forward to explore new ways to pare things down. All of America is purging their passé ways of excess to clear a new path to happiness, sans “crap purchasing”.We’ve all done our fair share of “crap purchasing” albeit the barely used espresso maker that’s just taking up precious counter space or even the eight pairs of black boots for your two feet. Please, let us all as good Americans come together in solidarity and scream out loud, “No more crap!”. Now is a time to return to simplicity and harvest only things of true value if you choose to harvest at all. Rather than collecting crap costume jewelry that’ll turn your finger green and your wallets barren through salami tactics; why not harvest simple things that you know for sure will pass through the test of time, simply because they already have.Scream out woman of the world… NO MORE CRAP!!Let us join in the revolution and become people of true quality and integrity.Diamonds Studs: Simple but yet says a lot.VS quality, G color, .20ctw-.10ct.diamond in each ear set in 14kt White Gold with safety screwback closure. I’m sure you would like keep these~ $1200Say Goodbye to “CRAP” and cubic zirconium & say hello to the Real Deal~Easy Elegance: This feminine classic is only worn by the strongest of woman~Fresh water cultured pearl studs (farmed by man from a real mollusk), AA grade (means they’re good), set in 14kt Yellow Gold with butterfly tension backs for easy on and easy off. *I’m sure you know you’re not supposed to shower in your pearls~ $85Cherish Others & Love Yourself at the Same Time14kt Yellow Gold Oval Locket to carry your loved ones with you wherever you may go. The tradition of love may very well start with you. Pass it on~ $295No more raggedy imitations or deceiving fool’s gold, why not have the simple security of knowing of owing the real thing?Resolution #1: No more crap in the New Year!

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