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Rings we wear for ourselves. #TinaTang

tina tang

Rings are one of the most difficult pieces of jewelry to give someone as we truly wear them for ourselves.  Necklaces accessorize an outfit and it's the person facing us that sees the necklace.  Rings, however, are within our own line of sight, and for that reason they are essentially a very personal preference.  Simply looking down at your hand can give you a little smile.  That is why an engagement ring requires a well thought out selection process.  I finally photo-shopped my new rings that have been evoking a daily smile.This *joy* ring is a little daily reminder.I know there are plenty of *love* rings out there but I like mine best.I find these tiny snake rings to be edgy and feminine simultaneously.  That is possible, you know.And, as I have been saying, what is wrong with "all about me" rings?I had fun making this squiggle ring.  Modern and timeless.Which ring above says *you* right now?

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