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tina tang

I can't quite figure out why, before any trip, I think of how I would rather spend my time at home and I mentally race through all the tasks the trip creates upon my return.However, once started on a trip, I am thrilled to be away on a mini reprieve of my daily routine.  Do you get those same conflicted feelings, too, or is it my own peculiarity?My best friend, Sima, and I are sitting on a bus en route to my parents' house. Here we are wearing our schleppiest outfits.  Dirtbag chic is the only way to travel.We didn't get a seat together and much to my dismay, are sitting on a packed bus of sleeping strangers.  It's strangely reminiscent of an 8th grade ski trip with classmates.  I'm just waiting for one of us to be reprimanded.Where are all these people going?  I was wishing they picked a different weekend to travel.When I travel, I never wear jewelry.  Yup, still wearing grey.  I wasn't just talking out of my ass about grey being my new uniform color.Have a lovely weekend!  

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  • You somehow manage to make “dirtbag chic” look cute! Have a good visit with your parents. =)


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