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Salute to Leggings!

tina tang

The socialite who said, "If it's comfortable, it's not fashionable" is full of crap.  Whomever that famous woman was, (since we name no names), she must not enjoy the briefness and unpredictability of life.That is why today, I salute Leggings!  (And, boy do they deserve the capital L).I love you, o comfortable and versatile black leggings!Jacket: Band of Outsiders from Pas de DeuxShirt: BB DakotaLeggings: ExpressBoots: Rag & BoneEarrings:  Tina Tang Endless Summer EarringsLeggings tuck so perfectly in boots and allow us ladies to feel like we are unconfined and warm.  This is one reason I feel lucky to be a woman; we are able to wear leggings with pure freedom!I bought 2 pairs to alternate between.  And, yes, sometimes I am gross and wear them more than 1 or 2 days in a row.  It's not as if someone sniffs my leggings when I meet them, right?These are the earrings I chose to wear with my legging uniform:Endless Summer HoopsIs there anyone out there who feels the same about leggings in winter?P.S. Don't forget about our necklace giveaway this week!  Comment on yesterday's post to enter.  

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  • oh yes, leggings! my favorite is jeggings… because they’re as comfortable but are more sturdy like jeans. it’s hard to wear regular pants now!

    i’m sorry i didn’t meet you at wendy’s party! next time i’ll say hello!


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