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Santa in fundies.

tina tang

This past Friday, NEXT Magazine (guide to NY's gay scene), hosted a party in Limelight Marketplace where our store is located.  The best part of this event was the scantily clad Santas donning their tight red briefs giving out free little gifts.I tried to not stare, not wanting to emulate those perverts who cat call to us women, but how can one (man or woman) NOT stare at the bulge?Do you see the bulge?Sorry, bulges no shown in this photo.  Please use imagination.If I were to place all my men’s accessories on santas like these, would they sell more?  Would you buy it?I did have a couple friends volunteer to be my male models, wearing our Marc Antony Eagle necklace, and an older gentleman attendee came up to me and said, I’ll take two of what he is wearing.We sold this necklace right off Rawley's neck.Rawley, muscular Santa, and Carlos by our store in Limelight. Thank you, Rawley and Carlos, for being good sports!

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  • WOW! I should’ve stopped by that night to gawk. And I wouldn’t feel bad for staring…I think that was the point. Looks like it was a fun night!


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