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tina tang

I know you are like me and when you get on a kick, you wear the same accessory, whether it be a necklace or earrings, daily and it becomes part of your "uniform".Today is 75 degrees out in NYC and I am dressed in my signature platform (summer) sandals with a long sleeve Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress (in case it cooled down quicker than expected).  I do feel like it's summer.  I have my full-on spring-summer uniform from the dress, down to the shoes and heart hoop earrings that I never leave my apartment without.These platform sandals in 5 different colors have taken me through 2 summers, going on 3 so far!If you have seen any blog posts over the past few months, you will have noticed I cannot wear any other pair of earrings but these:I made mine in 18kt gold since I knew I would wear them non stop.Here they are in sterling silver, but note that I can always make them in gold for you, too!I am not a hearty person but I love how I made these heart hoops angled!Ironically, it's always men that notice the heart hoops and compliment them.

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