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Secretly enjoying GOOP.

tina tang

I would never have thought that I would actually LISTEN to what Gwyneth Paltrow had to say.  Honestly, what would she and I have in common?I humbly admit that I was wrong.  Have any of you perused her website,  I checked it out recently out of a morbid curiosity, thinking, "This has got to be stupid."  Instead I found myself going through each section and finally stopping on GET to read her article, My Uniform.I feel you, Gwyneth!  Grey is my new black now.Grey on grey!  It goes with the NYC mandatory black.I'm looking out our office window since we have a wonderful view of Chelsea!  Silliness is part of our everyday activities.Jacket:  Band of OutsidersTank Top: Old NavyPants:  TheoryShoes: Rag & BoneHat: Kangol (hail to you OG's)Earrings: Tina Tang Don Carlo EarringsNecklace:  made of leftovers (see below)In the photos, I have on my "leftovers" necklace.  In other words, I had a bunch of random charms that were orphaned and added them to one chain to look like an official necklace!  I have been wearing this necklace every single day, thus it is part of my current uniform.My 14KT gold black diamond Scorpio pendant with silver locket and a ruby charm on a long blackened silver chain.Gwyneth!!  My uniform is like yours now!

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