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Sense of Play with Black and White #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Inspiration has a revival affect.  It's a reminder of life, a reminder of the energy that drives us.  When I am not feeling inspired, I feel I have lost my sense of play. Lucky for me today, I have some new beads and with those, a little life and inspiration!     I love the contrast of the white bone beads (cow bone) next to the black rhinestones.Naturally, once inspired and created I have to try it on:You bet I photo-shopped my blemishes!And, the matching bracelet is on my wrist right now:I strung the bracelet with elastic, making it easy on-easy off.I am working on a few ideas for earrings.  I have a long tassel in mind but I need to test drive the design to make sure it's practical.  Inspiration makes me feel alive.

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