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Showing off My "New Shoes! "

tina tang

By Troy:Showing off my "New Shoes! "I was about to throw these loafers away since they were "broken." I got them on eBay about a year ago and the straps came off after a few months - leaving noticeable holes on the sides.As I was heading to the garbage disposal, they spoke to me, pleading for me to remember. Reminding me of our love affair last spring.I couldn't take it - I rushed over to my drawer of "inspirations" (aka my junk drawer) and found my bag of buttons and "bedazzled" them back to life!Now, I can't stop staring at them. They are going to be my favorite "new" pair of shoes. Until another new love affair starts (guilty - of being a free spirit.)This reminds me of a new service that Tina Tang Studio is offering. If you want to breathe new life into your existing jewelry, Tina's team can help. Just bring it in for a free consultation. Maybe you'll create a "new" piece you can' take your eyes off as well.xoxo

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