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Silver value continues to climb: Hold on to your jewelry!

tina tang

Who would have thought last year that  in 2011 silver would be trading at $43 per ounce?    In 2009, silver was trading at $11-$19/ ounce.  That was less than 2 years ago!Silver started this year around $31.  Today it is at $43 and it is only April.In the past, I was very careless about keeping all my silver scraps as I made jewelry.  Lately, I save every tiny piece and throw it all in a little plastic cup:My pile o silver scraps.Even a loose ear nut could be the equivalent of 50 cents!  Any silver jewelry in your jewelry box should be saved as one day, when you need a little extra cash, your jewelry can be considered not only a fashion item, but an investment piece that literally has trade in value.

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