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Sisters of Perpetual Disorder: Girl Friends #TinaTang

tina tang

I am reading The Sum of Our Days by Isabel Allende and was really struck by a chapter she wrote about her small group of girlfriends.  These five women compose what Allende labels the Sisters of Perpetual Disorder. They share all aspects of their lives with each other: good and bad. This passage gave me such comfort and happiness about my girlfriends and made me feel so deeply grateful to be a woman:"For me it is a sisterhood sealed in heaven.  Every woman in this world should have such a circle of friends.  Each of us is witness to the other's lives; we keep secrets, help in difficulties, share experiences, and stay in almost daily contact by e-mail. However far I may be traveling, I always have my line to terra firm: my sisters of disorder.  They are joyful, wise and curious women."My Sisters of Perpetual Disorder is only three.  The two sisters always make me feel supported.Sisters with one sister's progeny.

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  • I love this thought. Agree everyone needs this kind if support in their lives. I feel for women who don’t have this in their lives. Thanks for reminding me of the great friends I have.


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