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Small business dilemma: Which voice do you listen to? #TinaTang

tina tang

The lease to my office/studio/showroom ends April 30th and I have been here for two years since I moved my store to the Limelight Marketplace. Since closing that Limelight shop April 2011, I have been working out of the showroom solely.  This cozy little office I share with my best friend, Sima Schloss, who is a mixed media artist.Isn't it cozy and warm with great sunlight?Now, it's time to make a decision.  I have been looking around to see what office/shared office/office sublet opportunities are available within my price range.  I am going solo in my new office which is why I am price sensitive. I adore the Flatiron-Chelsea neighborhood, but if I want to cut my overhead, I need to move further north or south.Herein lies my dilemma. Do I try to save a couple hundred dollars a month and move to a neighborhood that makes me less happy or do I pay the same for a small space to stay in this wonderful neighborhood??After only seeing 3-4 offices, I came across this one which felt like home to me:My favorite part is the huge window, which is hard to come by in the cheap office space category.Since there are high ceilings, there is a loft above the desk for file storage-jewelry supply storage.If I take this little windowed space, I spend the same, but save nothing.  If I go further from this neighborhood, I could have a savings each month.The question is, do I opt for lower overhead and only consider savings, or do I go for quality of life/happiness?  Head or heart? Tell me what you think.

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  • Tina, tough decision! I say go with the space you love, because then you will use it and love it, while a space you don’t like as much will keep you from wanting to go to work. Workspace I think is so important for the heart! If the heart is happy, the business/head part will make it work!


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  • That’s definitely an important decision. For me, it would depend on 1) how “FAR” north or south are we talking for the savings, 2). will the savings also mean a bigger space or an equal amount of space to your fave hood, and 3.) can I adapt well in a hood just a bit out of my comfort zone.

    If the space ‘size’ is the same (only cost savings) then I would likely go with the hood that makes me happiest. If the ‘space’ is larger (more room to breathe) AND cheaper, AND the hood is pretty cool, then I’d go with the savings. Sometimes adapting to a new area can put you off, but could be a good change….again, it depends on ‘where’ the hood is…and if you think you can really learn to love it there. Hope that helped a least a bit. :) Good luck!

    Gida Batista

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