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Soul mates: Do they exist?

tina tang

I am ever moved by tragic love stories in which the couple can only be together in death.  My favorite opera stories reflect the dark and grim view of love where the soul mates join only in the afterlife.I don't believe in soul mates.  I once did in my naive 20's, thinking there is only one special person out there for us.   Even so, I am still a sucker for the idea of romantic ever lasting love. This quote from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet always gets me:Would a man ever say this about me?  (Naturally replace the "him" with "her").Here is the front of the Romeo Juliet Poem necklace:I set a ruby in the center to symbolize love in the eternal cycle of nature.I pondered this concept of undying love as I saw that Midori chose to wear the necklace today.She and I often end up uncannily wearing the same hairstyle to work.  I see her in the morning with braids when I chose to put my hair in braids.I would have to say Midori's husband does feel that way about her.  Lucky girl.

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  • Hi!this is really nice idea. your thought is nice about love. i like it.this is smart necklace.
    Thanks for sharing.


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