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Soulfully Green

tina tang

By: TinaI have noticed lately that websites, stores, and magazines have made "being green" their newest trend focus. Disingenuously, it seems like many companies mimic a message they think consumers want to hear and not so much what the company truly believes.For us here at Tina Tang, we sincerely believe in our contribution to environmental consciousness and are committed to making this a permanent aspect of our daily lives and lifestyle. We often joke about how I make sure nothing is wasted in our office. If I find a paperclip on the floor, I pick it up and put it in our paperclip box. If someone prints and chooses not to keep the documents, we flip the paper over and reinsert it in the printer. We only buy 100% recycled printing paper even though it costs 30% more than regular printing paper. We stopped offering plastic shopping totes and have opted to purchase the more expensive kraft paper totes. We offer guests the choice of NOT choosing packaging with their jewelry. We donate a tree for every single purchase any guest makes at our stores and on our websites. American Forests Organization, the oldest environmental organization in our country, the recepient of our donations, is active and prolific in granting funds to plant trees globally.Ideally, this current green trend becomes a permanent American perspective. But, if the chicness of being green is forgotten, we here at Tina Tang, have chosen to make our earthly commitment a permanent part of our identity.

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