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Spanish were once a super power. A long long long time ago.

tina tang

Last night, I went to one gorgeous but long ass opera at the Metropolitan Opera.  Don Carlo, one of Verdi's longest operas, takes place when Spain was a super power in 1560.  (Was that the last time they were a worldly political force?)  The opera was 4.5 hours long.  Not including the complex plot of politics and religion of the Spanish Inquisition, the love story is a juicy and operatic norm:  the father has arranged a marriage for his son to a colleague's gorgeous daughter.  The youngins meet and vibe each other.  Then the father decides he will take that scrumptious young lady for himself.   The usual makings of the typical salacious opera!Courtesy of the Met Opera.  Marina Poplaskaya as Princess Elisabeth and Roberto Alagna as Don Carlo.Lovers restricted by her marriage to his father.I knew it was going to be long so I am sorry to say, I wore jeans. Here I am by the wall of fame at the Met Opera.Does this convince anyone that you don't have to be old and rich to go to the opera?  You can wear jeans!  Hat: KangolShearling Jacket:  A random purchase in July when the coat was dirt cheap!Shoes:  J CrewEarrings:  Tina Tang Gold Fill Venus HoopsThe entire cast rocked, except for one key singer.  I won't name names since this happens to be on the world wide web.  But, this tenor always makes me wonder why he gets the lead parts.

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  • I love your posts, Tina. Please keep blogging!


  • I love your posts, Tina. I always make it a daily visit. Keep blogging!


  • This one sounds so juicy! I want to see it, and I would wear jeans too. 4.5 hours is a long time.


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