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Special @Pinterest Group: Explaining the Delight. #TinaTang

tina tang

A year ago, a friend advised me, "You should check out Pinterest."  I thought, "Oh lord, not another social networking site that I need to learn and add to my time," and thus, I brushed it off.On my work "to do" list this week, I made Pinterest a top priority to simply check out.  After spending over an hour last night, out of pure delight, starting my own "boards", I am able to explain to you the appeal of this wonderful site. This is where you can find my Pinterest boards: you shop online?  Are you online surfing often?  This is a great way to gather images or inspirations you adore and to group items that catch you eye.   Other Pinterest users can see what you "pin" and share or "repin" items they like that you have chosen.There is something appealing to gathering the images that make you smile and grouping them together.  For an artist or designer, it serves also as an online inspiration board.  For a shopper, Pinterest could be a visual wishlist.  By gathering your images, you are also able over time to see your change in taste, style or aesthetic.  The board creation and "pinning" is much easier to than I anticipated. Give it a try and follow me at  Let me know your handle so I can follow you.

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