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Squiggle #Necklace and #Earrings Version Two. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

As you know, I love picking up new designs, fully finished, from my production company.  Today was one of those satisfying days as I love how the new set, De Kooning Squiggles Version Two, turned out.  I showed you the progression from wax to cast in the posts here and here.This version is a little smaller and lighter than the first one.Here is what the set looks like:This set has a much more organic feel than the first version, which is a statement on its own.My goal for this second set was to create earrings that were the signature Tina Tang light where the woman doesn't even notice it on, while also being very securely attached to the ears.These look fantastic on, don't they? I am patting myself on the back with this pair.I'll be photographing and photoshopping to add it online this week. I hope you are enjoying seeing each piece as it's completed as much as I am. 

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