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Starbucks, You Are My Best Frenemy

tina tang

Dear Starbucks:You are my best friend. You keep me warm in the winter, but offer cooling refreshment in the summer. You diffuse the pressure of first dates as a third wheel, which I definitely don't mind. Best of all, you're always only a block or two away when I need you.But Starbucks, sweetheart, there are some things about you I just can't stand. You're so popular... maybe too popular. You always have so many people over at your place that I sometimes feel like you're too busy for me. And those delicious treats you always have? I have a feeling that you're just trying to get me to gain weight.Our relationship is like Janet Jackson's weight: it's either up to the highest of highs or the lowest of lows. I've been trying to wean myself from your company, you're so addictive! But once I think I'm through with you, you  find a way to pull me back in. First it was with the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and now it's with your Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.Starbucks, what I guess I'm trying to say is... I can't deny my love for you. Let's have drinks at your place and make up :)

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