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Starting anew in spring with a new office. #TinaTang

tina tang

After two years at 54 West 21st Street, which in itself was a big move from my 10 year flagship store in the Village, I am moving.  I am moving to a new small individual office next week just one block away. Another milestone in my jewelry life, this new office/jewelry studio will be a solo location without sharing it with my best friend, Sima.  I've packed the essentials such as files, but I have no idea what to do with stuff like these pieces of display wood which I simply do not want to throw away.  I am forced to streamline as the new space is 75% smaller than my current space.Who needs free weights when I have these lovely boxes to shift around in the office?Spring cleaning, literally, streamlining and making my office and life about essentials.  I hope I see you in my new showroom/office/jewelry studio sometime soon.  Have a wonderful Easter - Passover !

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  • This is totally off topic, but nice guns! I can tell you work out. =)

    — Yoonmee


  • Yoonmee, haha! you made me laugh. I do, thanks for checking out my guns :)

    Tina Tang

  • Good luck with your office move~ a great opportunity for spring cleaning and simplifying life!

    Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony

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