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Stop and Smell the Roses!

tina tang

No one I know is immune to bad days. I myself had a particularly bad one last week and had to drop everything to take a day to clear my head. I had received some bad news Thursday morning that completely knocked me on my butt and made me feel completely helpless. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Been there, done that, right? After laying in bed wallowing in my sorrow and anxiety for an hour or so, I thought, "Is this helping me in any way?" Absolutely not. It was an amazing summer day outside and I was spending the one free day I had from calling out of work shut in my room with my curtains drawn tight. I put on my favorite pair of shorts (I needed to tan my pasty legs), tied up my hair, threw my sunglasses on and went for a walk. I travel through my neighborhood at least twice a day going in and out of town (I live two blocks away from the heart of my New Jersey suburb), but I never really stopped to enjoy it quite like that day. For instance, I discovered these flowers that looked like fireworks:After admiring the flowers, I took the time to appreciate the additional beauty of a butterfly:And what's better than one butterfly? Two butterflies!As tired as the saying, "Stop and smell the roses" may sound, on a day like mine it finally made sense why it's always used: I felt significantly less anxious and more optimistic about my situation after my walk. With summer winding down, I'm advising all of you to take the time to enjoy nature's gifts. Grabbing a FroYo before you go is also a great way to enjoy the stroll and keep cool. What are your favorite local spots where you like to relax and take in the sunshine?-Maria B. (intern)

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