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Street Peeps of NY: Accessorizing DO's

tina tang

What a gorgeous day in New York City!  The sun is shining and us New Yorkers are always itching to be outside since these type of days are unexpected.  I thought this would be a great day to snap some "DO's" about accessorizing.I loved her outfit!  This older blond lady has it going on.In this photo, I absolutely LOVE how this elderly blond woman has paired a lightweight long boyfriend shirt with black leggings and black flats, finished off with her Jackie O sunglasses.  This is what I want to look like when I am her age.Even the grunge boy next to her knows how to wear jewelry.  A simple every day necklace with any outfit is the ideal completion of an outfit. I have a feeling he wears that necklace daily. His hat is a great addition.This cutie knows how to wear jewelry.Another male who knows how to wear his jewelry.  Don't always think about "matching".  This young man (who works at the Limelight space we were once in) wears his handcuff necklace everyday.  We should all have an every day staple piece like his handcuff necklace.This is DJ Lui at Limelight.  He is the total accessories maven.I wanted to show that there is no such thing as too much jewelry.  DJ Lui has on rings (see his left hand),  bracelets on both wrists, and his every day necklace.  This is how to rock your jewelry with confidence.DJ Lui said he's had this necklace for years.

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