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Stripes: Not Just a Prison Uniform. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

For those who attended a private school requiring uniforms, you must revel in the freedom of being an adult who may choose to dress freely to work.  For me, I embrace a uniform.  The uniform doesn't need to be exactly the same daily, but it is a conceptual idea that allows one not to think in the morning.This past summer, I had a uniform of dresses and wedges which I talked about in this post here. Last winter, my uniform was inspired by the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow of whom I am infinitely jealous of.  Grey, grey with leggings, grey with a jacket... Grey the color that is a color without being black, but allows one to have a uniform look. I talked about the winter grey uniform here.Long enough to go below the butt, I wear this top with black or navy jeggings.This winter, my uniform will be stripes.  I've discovered brand, Edith A. Miller, who makes the most comfortable all cotton, made in USA, tops.  I'm rather embarrassed to admit that I have returned to Creatures of Comfort ( in Nolita) five times to purchase the tops, thus I own five.  Five striped tops to wear with jeggings.Photo courtesy of  I have this top.See how I put it on under a navy blazer?This gold and black stripe one I wear all the time, too!I posted this on facebook because I wore this outfit twice in a week.If you happen to see me on the street this winter, expect to see stripes.

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