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Summer Uniform: Dresses and Wedges

tina tang

Going to public schools all my life, the major daily dilemma every middle school or high school morning was, "What do I wear?" I remember waking up at 6 am to tease and spray my hair.  Naturally, that was the 80's.Remember how the first day of school was so nerve racking because you had to plan out the "perfect" outfit to make your self proclaimed statement of "I am so unique and original. Look at me"?I envy those who attended private schools where the uniform was the equalizer that eliminated the extra morning hours of indecision.I bought this at a thrift shop for $8!Dress: Value Village Thrift Shop, MDShoes: Mariano Renzi (from KEITO in NYC)Earrings: Endless Summer HoopsMen's Watch: Rotary from RueLaLa.comNecklace: My mish mash of charms.Now, as an adult, I have adopted the idea of a winter and summer uniform.  You have read about my grey being my new winter uniform here.  For summer, my uniform is a dress and platform wedges.  I have 5 pairs of wedges in different colors.You have seen this photo!  I bought blue since it goes with everything.When I love a style, I like to buy it in different colors.This one I just bought yesterday on sale at Coach for $99!Ironically, in the winter, I rarely wear heels.  Even in the summer, a traditional heel feels too much or too dressy at times.  The wedge gives height while maintaining comfort, which is very important to me.My two jewelry staples which are part of my summer uniform are these two pairs of hoops.  I simply keep them in my work bag as I always forget to put on jewelry when rushing out of the house.I always get comments when I wear the gold fill Endless Summer Hoops $145.The Double Teardrop Hoops are my silver alternative $125It is finally summer here in New York City!

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