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Taking your own photos for the web.

tina tang

Owning my own business requires me to often be a Jacqueline of all trades since I don't have the woman-power to have an employee for each task.  One of my most time consuming responsibilities is photoshopping.This is an example of a photo pre-photoshopping:The white fabric background just doesn't give a clean look.Then I start photoshopping, eliminating the background since my goal is to get a clean photo of the jewelry.Some pieces are much easier to clean than others.  I use the "magic wand" as my tool of choice.And, after staring at the computer for at least half an hour, I finally get my desired result:As a shopper, doesn't this look much more appealing?What did stores, designers and other retailers do before Adobe Photoshop existed?  I have a love-hate relationship with photoshopping my jewelry.  Love the way it looks, dread doing the tedious task.

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