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Tangled Necklaces? Easy tip to avoid....

tina tang

We consistently have customers who bring us their pile of necklaces that got tangled in their jewelry boxes.Tangled Necklaces This will always happen if you throw all the chained necklaces together, even if you think the necklaces won't move around in the box.In our office, we always keep each necklace individually enclosed in a small ziplock bag.  Keep one end of the necklace out so that it doesn't get tangled with itself.Always keep your necklace in a small ziplock bag.If you keep your necklaces separated like this, with one end out, you will always be able to find each one.I had a hard time getting to work today.  It took me 4 hours from waking up to getting to work!  I don't know what I did... I walked the dog for an hour, worked out, so what happened to the other hour and a half??Jacket: Zachary's SmilePants: Tom K NguyenNecklace:  Tina Tang Gold Fill Circle of Life NecklaceEarrings:  Tina Tang Gold Fill Feather EarringsShoes:  VardaStockings:  JCrew

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  • Can’t tell you how many times my necklaces have ended up in a state like that, so annoying!


  • Simone, thanks for the comment! We store all our necklaces in our store the way we described in the blog. Truly, those little plastic baggies will keep your necklaces tangle free!

    Tina Tang.

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