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Tangy Colored Make-up to Brighten Faces

tina tang

A perfect way to end a week is with our guest blogger Lydia! Photo By: Ha-WeeWe are usually good to go with the basics, but what about adding the pizazz factor? Blush and eyeshadow help create a beautifully blossomed look. Picking out a color is sometimes the hardest part when it comes to eye shadow: there are neutral tones - tans, browns, light pinks, and peaches; the daring darks - dark purple, navy, gray, black, dark brown and emerald green; and the vibrant colors - bright purple, gold, silver, lime green, bright teal, pink.But within each of these categories there are several different shades a tangy girl can use to bring out the features in her eye color:• For Brown Eyed Girls: Day look - Blues, Champagne, Pinks, and Khaki Green. Fun Favorites - Gold, Purple, Tangerine, Royal Blue, Hot pink, and Lime-green• For Blue Eyed Girls: Day look - Taupe, Gray, and Violet, Purple. Fun Favorites - Gold, Purple, Silver, Turquoise, and Fuchsia• For Hazel and Green Eyed Girls: Day look - Browns, Apricot, Purple, Plum, Deep Khaki or Forest Green. Fun Favorites - Gold, Purple, and Lime-Green As a general rule for any eye color: opposites attract.1. Blue eyes are generally complimented by browns - so in figuring out an eyeliner go with a deep brown or a light brown, either will bring out that subtle brown tones in your eyes.2. Brown Eyes are complimented by deep blues - for a modern look, apply blue eye liner around the eye, then apply a neutral such as a glittering brown or taupe on the lid; this look is modern and is sure to turn heads without over-doing it. Also try deep shimmery emeralds and greens to mix up your look.3. Green eyes are generally complimented by purples and pinks - try all sorts of egg plants, burgundy, and wine colors. Use as an eyeliner or as eye shadow.4. Hazel eyes are complimented by deep forest greens - try this green color on the eye lids and below the eye lid for a dramatic look.Blush: Almay's Smart Shade Blush for any girl, is a key ingredient for a youthful and sexy look. Blush brightens your face making it come to life with light and warmth. Colors of blush range from a coral to a wine/raspberry color.Some of my favorite brands and colors are:Covergirl's cheekers - this blush is a nice compact shape, with colors ranging from peach to plum it is perfect for your blush needs. Almay's Smart Shade - this blush is guaranteed to blend in perfectly with your skin, I love it so much. I also use the smart shade foundation which goes on flawlessly.Lydia writes for A site that loves fashion and jewelry. But is obsessed with all things diamond ring. Whether you are looking for a way to propose or trying to find a way to purchase engagement rings, she is a good resource.

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