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Teaching Jewelry Making on @Skillshare. #TinaTang

tina tang

Have you heard of  A client suggested it to me when I was interested in learning more about SEO (search engine optimization) and I ended up taking a class on how to use a digital camera. My wonderful experience in the camera class planted the seed for my jewelry making class.  I've got two lined up.  First class: How to make a semi-precious stone and silver necklace. This class is only $40 and you get to take home your finished piece while learning a life long skill!This is an excerpt.  Click on class hereThe more complicated class for those who know beading: How to Wire Wrap a Semi-Precious Stone And Crystal Necklace.  This class is $50 and you get to take home your finished piece.  This also is a life long skill!Here is the link for this class here.The greatest aspect of the classes is that once these skills are learned, you theoretically don't ever need to buy jewelry or pay for repairs.  You can do it all yourself (though naturally I want you to still visit me).

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  • I’ve had several jewelry classes and have made several gifts – but I still visit you Tina! :-)


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