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Texas is a state of mind: Highlights #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

"Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word." - John Steinbeck.Mr. Steinbeck so eloquently described my experience this past weekend in San Antonio and Austin, TX.  From the moment I stepped off the plane, I felt like I had stepped into another country, so un-New York City.  I had 3-4 friendly conversations with strangers within my first 10 minutes in Texas. I'll be posting my mini video highlights tomorrow but here is a photo-montage of the dual trunk show.I stayed with the constantly chipper, Jennifer Zepeda, who was one of my best Customer Service Ambassadors at my Greenwich Village flagship store.  She and her family aptly represent big, bold Texas hospitality:The Zepedas, mom, dad, Jennifer and boyfriend, Richard, took me to the San Antonio river walk to have delicious Mexican food. The Zepedas are so grandly generous that I felt like one of the family.  Jennifer's mom has such an edgy style, in fact, more so than any mom I have met in NYC.  These are my pieces she wears constantly:Mrs. Zepeda loves Dias de la Muertas and this skull ring is part of her daily wardrobe.She purchased these two items and immediately put them on:I admire a woman who embraces her style without apologies.  Mrs. Zepeda rocked these Daggers.She also got the horn necklace which she, like me, combined with other amulet charms:I attach a locket and stone charm with my Horn Necklace.One of my favorite elements of the trunk show at Jennifer's were the cupcakes Mrs. Zepeda brought for us:So good.On Sunday, I drove to Austin where host, Isela Beardslee, invited me to show in her beautiful home. Isela's house is open and inviting.  More in the video tomorrow.I am looking forward to returning to Austin and it's funky Greenwich Village atmosphere.  At the end of my day there, I took my nephew, Peter, who is attending graduate school at UT-Austin, out to dinner. Isn't he adorable?  20's something Texan girls, holla at me if you would like to meet this nice young man. When I do my trunk shows, the most enjoyable aspects of "doing business" is actually spending time with my hosts who happen to be friends or family.    Who said one cannot mix business and pleasure?

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