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Thank you CBS Morning show for the wonderful feature!

tina tang

Thank you CBS Morning news for featuring our jewelry on Valentines Day!These are the pieces that Rob and professional matchmaker, Stephanie Daniels, singled out for the last minute (male, obviously) shopper:I designed this one a while ago as an exclusive for 1-800-Flowers.  I never tire of this whimsical heart necklace.Ms. Daniels loved this one as a bold statement.  The Hammered Moon necklace is a jewelry box staple.The Amethyst Traviata necklace is the one that the matchmaker LOVED.I wasn't up to see this feature as it ran at 5:15am.  I stopped waking up at that hour when I left Goldman Sachs.

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  • But luckily I was up at that ungodily hour on the treadmill when I saw it!


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