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The Art of Engraving. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

When I created my Nautilus series which I blogged about here, the last step before producing the pieces was the hand engraving that would add the last special detail to the silver models.My hand engraver is a master.  He naturally takes a little while to work his manual magic and today I picked up the finished pieces.  He took my sketches that you saw in this post and engraved it onto my silver models. I love the fish scales on this shell!Can't wait until this is cast and I can make it into a necklace.And, this large piece I am making into hoop earrings as well as a pendant.  I always sigh with happiness when I see how George, my engraver, has made my vision a literal reality.Once the engraving is blackened, the rope detail will pop.No machine will ever replace the detailed spirit and soul a craftsperson applies to his trade.

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