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The best wedding I have ever attended. #TinaTang

tina tang

Normally, I could take or leave a wedding party.  I know that some friends absolutely love a festive wedding and equally those who dislike the stress of going to an event where they know few people and have to sit at a table with a bunch of strangers. Me, I would voluntarily pass on attending a wedding.This weekend, I went to Debbie Tang's wedding.  She is my closest cousin whose engagement ring I also designed.  This was the first time I enjoyed myself thoroughly at a wedding!Debbie just looks simply gorgeous.  Remember her jade ring I designed last year?I love the deep color of the jade and platinum ring.The wedding hosted 500 guests.  Yes, you heard it right, 500 guests.  Debbie is not the kind of girl who planned her wedding since she was ten.  This cake should illustrate exactly the kind of time we had:A bobble head wedding cake!Why did I have fun at this wedding?  First, my date was my best friend so conversation, familiarity and comfort were instant.I love that our table cards had both our names on it, like a true couple!We sat right next to my sister and her most easy going, conversation flowing husband, Russell:My sister Tricia has the smile that always turns out perfect in every photo.  Not fair.Russell is the kind of guy whom everyone loves upon meeting him.  Dare I say, we would take him over some other members of the extended family?As my father rarely puts on a suit, it was also a wonderful opportunity to take a family photo, properly dressed.  Of all the photos we took, I picked this one because I like me in it.  Heehee, don't we all do that?Best friend as a date, familiarity with all the guests, and importantly, a great dj at the end of the night: Debbie Tang's wedding was the best ever.Debbie being given away by her dad (my dad's younger brother).

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