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The Cougar

tina tang

By: TroyMy favorite Tina Tang piece is “the cougar” or the “Thunder Cats” necklace. The necklace was Tina’s homage to superheroes and the values they teach us. “Thunder Cats” was a cartoon series from the late 1980s about feline superheroes with superpowers.Possibly a silly idea on the surface but behind their superpower was the code they lived (died) by: the Code of Thundera. Thundera was the planet the “Cats” came from and it represented justice, truth, honor and loyalty.The pendant is in the shape of the Cat’s insignia, the “Eye of Thundera.” When I put it on, the meaning behind the piece makes me smile. I tried to live by the code as a kid because I wanted to be a Superhero. As an adult, I try to live by the code for a different reason and the superhero part has become a secondary side effect.The meaning behind the pendant makes me feel like a cool “Cat.” And isn’t that the point of fashion, it should evoke FEELINGS.Below is a pic of my fellow Tina Tangers wearing our favorite pieces. Write us and let us know about your favorite Tina Tang piece.

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