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The Fabulous Jennifer Chan

tina tang

By: TinaThis weekend, Chloe and I were in LA for our Santa Monica trunk show and Jennifer Klein's celeb filled girl party. While we were there on this much anticipated weekend, we had dinner with one of my most favorite and GORGEOUS writer-blogger, Jennifer Chan. Jennifer Chan is a beauty and fashion encyclopedia embodied in a well-coifed, perfectly dressed and amazingly tanned Californian. If you put a picture of a celebrity in front of her, she can recite (in 2 seconds) what brand of jeans the woman is wearing, AND what style from that denim line. And, jeans are not the only thing she can recite!Of course, Chloe and I machine-gunned questions at Jennifer about every beauty question we have ever had. What's your favorite lip gloss? What mascara do you prefer for long lasting wear? Who is your favorite shoe designer right now? What's great about Jennifer's blog is that you don't have to know her to ask her all these questions! Jennifer has a fantastic blog called where she talks about all the products she has tried or has discovered. What's even more indulgent about her blog is that Jennifer is one of the few fashion/celeb writers in LA, so she attends any and all celebrity related events. (If you like that kind of thing, and if you are secretly intrigued by the celebs and will never admit it, like me), read Jennifer's LA tales. I can't wait till my next LA trip to dine with Jennifer (and get the lowdown on all things famous and fabulous).

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