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The High Price of “Reality” Television

tina tang

By: Magen GaboffMaybe it’s the expensive cars, maybe it’s the high end labels on their clothes, or maybe it’s the amazing internships that they happen to “stumble” upon. Whatever the reason is, I just can not get enough of The Hills. I can not wait for the season premiere tonight at 10:00 on MTV.I think it is really interesting to know how much the cast actually sees on their paycheck after every show. Recession clearly means nothing to these beauties! For those of us who have to watch our money a little more due to these tough times why not keep up with the trends but perhaps instead of gold go for gold fill. These Tina Tang Gold Fill hoops are the perfect example of how to look like a million bucks without actually spending a million.Take a look at this a article from OK magazine and find out for yourself how much the gorgeous Lauren Conrad got paid per show along with the rest of the cast and their busting bank accounts.

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