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The Isela Series: Study in contrast. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I was inspired by Isela Beardslee when she hosted a trunk show in her home for me last month.  When I got back to NYC, I immediately ordered some white bone beads and dark swarovski crystal beads which you saw me playing around with in this post.When I told Isela about her as my source of inspiration, she suggested I play around with purple.  Here it is!The purple swarovski crystals set in blacked brass gives the pieces an edgy goth but girly feel. Based on feedback from some lovely ladies on our facebook page, I have created the tassel earrings with just the crystal and the blackened steel.  Matching bracelet to boot in hematite.I never do dressy as my focus is "everyday" but I am liking this night feel! I created a matching long tassel necklace for the set and I don't expect one to wear it all together, but I like to give you ladies choices.With this long necklace, I think one can also layer with a long chain necklace.I am working on creating a whole Isela series, a family of similarly color themed pieces to mix and match.  Let me know what you think.

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