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The "Little Brother"

tina tang

By: Tina To be honest, when I first interviewed Troy, I was on the fence. It was Judy who convinced me that we had to hire Troy. Now, I cannot imagine our work life without Troy. He is like our little brother, or as he said to me, "our step brother". Why do I think of him as my little brother? Because when he borrows my Ipod charger, he forgets to return it and I will find it randomly stuffed in a cubby hole. Or when he borrows something else, you have to accept that he might break it. In fact just yesterday, while I was in the midst of a business mess, Troy called me and started the conversation with, "I know this is not a good time to call you about this, but..." Troy had blown out a fuse because he had the electric water kettle and microwave turned on, while plugged into the same outlet as the fridge and the coffee maker. He did not know about blown fuses and I had to run over to "fix" everything. Oh Troy. We often joke about his "little brotherness", so I am sure he is not offended. Another thing about Troy that makes me giggle when I am alone, is that he tells me that he has conversations with the universe. When something good happens, like Lucky Magazine featuring our jewelry, Troy tells me that he spoke to the universe and that's why it happened. Knowing Troy, he may well have truly spoken to the universe. He has a secret life that we at the store often wonder about. What does he do when he leaves work? We often imagined that he goes clubbing and rolls into his apartment at 5am, takes a short nap, and showers, blowdries and straightens his hair, and puts on his skinny pants and heads out to work. This is how I view Troy in my mind: Drawing of Troy Troy is the eternal optimist. When things are not going well, or when the store seems slow, Troy always points out the bright side of the day. Now at the same time, because he is such a positive thinker, whenever he expresses doubt or displeasure, I think seriously about the issue. If Troy thinks the situation sucks, then it must be dire! I just wanted to share a little tidbit about Troy because you all probably often get marketing emails from him. And, we all love him here at Tina Tang Studio.

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  • I Love you too Tina!!!


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