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The Minatour Horn

tina tang

Sure, the Minatour is mainly known for being a beast imprisoned in a labyrinth because he is a flesh-eating half-man, half-bull, but the fact that this creature has the head of a bull on the body of a man usually overshadows a true love story, which is a darn shame. Tina Tang's line of Star Crossed Lovers brings stories like this to the spotlight so you can wear romantic jewelry that doesn't involve cheesy heart details. This week's focus is on the Minotaur Earrings, as pictured.The love story behind this mythical beast is actually based in its misfortune. The Minatour was the result of King Minos's wife's affair with a bull, brought on as punishment by the Gods for Minos's refusal to sacrifice the majestic animal. The Minotaur was nursed by his mother at first, but as it grew stronger and developed a taste for human flesh, Minos had to confine his step-son to a labyrinth to ensure that it wouldn't escape. Theseus was a young man selected by King Minos to be fed to the Minatour for the monster's annual feast, and he was determined to slay the creature. Fortunately, love was on his side as King Minos' daughter Ariadne fell in love with the young man at first sight and equipped him with a sword to slay the creature (her step-brother) and a ball of wool thread to navigate the maze.The Minatour items are available both online at and at the Limelight Marketplace in Chelsea.

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