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The New Face of Tina Tang

tina tang

By: Bobbie 8:30 am, Monday morning, I hit the snooze button. 8:45am I decide to forfeit the morning workout and reset my alarm for 9:30am, besides I really do need my beauty sleep. I sit up, stretch my arms wide and let my legs dangle off the side of the bed for a second and then I’m up and carefully stepping my way to the closet (I’m a very neat and organized person except when it comes to my room). I realize it is Monday and there is a slight (I can’t help but feel a little hopeful) possibility Troy will come out from behind the red curtain at the Studio, with the little digital camera in his hand. I think to myself, I better look good today. It all began about three months ago when I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position at Tina Tang Studio. I had been working at Gold Label by Tina Tang part-time on the weekends for about nine months and I was thrilled to be part of the full time team. Little did I know what was to come. I had never worked on a Monday so I didn’t realize this is when the weekly picture for the newsletter was taken. And I also didn’t realize I would be modeling jewelry. I had seen the lovely pictures of Tatiana, Chloe, Alexis, and the other fabulous ladies of Tina Tang but I didn’t consider that I might be next. I remember Troy telling me to just relax and to not look nervous as he snapped picture after picture. I slowly realized that one of these pictures is going to be on the World Wide Web and sent out in a weekly newsletter to LOTS of people. It’s hard not to feel the excitement. This started to become the routine every Monday and I really looked forward to that special time. I started to think, “this must be how famous people feel when they have their first song play on the radio or they appear in there first movie”. You want everyone you know to see it! I started adding my friends and family to the email list so they would get to see the “new face of Tina Tang” as Troy and Tina put it one day before a “long” “photo shoot”. Ok, ok so maybe I’m taking this a little too far. Especially since most of the time people come in and think that it is my wonder twin, Chloe, in the pictures and are just excited to see Tina’s amazing designs. And that’s what it is all about. Besides there are many “faces” of Tina Tang, and who am I to take all the credit. My fellow Aries and darling coworker/friend always helps me stay grounded by telling me to stop being such a “ham”. Which I totally am and I love it. I’ve never been the one to be in the lime light and this is my time to shine…or at least it’s the closest I’ll ever get to “stardom”. The New Face Until next time, this is Bobbie A.K.A the “New Face of Tina Tang”, for now.

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  • Oh my goodness… this story is just bursting with Bobbie’s personality. I love it. Congratulations on being the “new face of Tina Tang”! :o)


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