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The New Tang

tina tang

- How do you like your new internship?- So, what do you do?I’ve been asked the two above questions so often by friends, family and co-workers that I’ve decided to provide a written response.My name is Renee Walker and I am the Public Relations/Marketing Intern at Tina Tang Studio. So far this has been a very enlightening and rewarding experience. It may sound corny but aside from the fact that I am surrounded by jewelry/accessories all day; what I like most about my internship is the overall experience and exposure to the behind the scenes of a PR/Marketing department of a fashion related company. I now know what it means to see the things you learn in the classroom come alive. By the way, I recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology otherwise known as FIT with a bachelors of science in Advertising and Marketing Communications.Some of my daily duties include visiting MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. I search the web for fun jewelry blogs for market research. Currently, I’ve been listening to music samples of potential Musicians that we will hire to play in the store. I’m also brain storming to come up with creative ways to pitch popular day time talk shows like Oprah, yes Oprah! Look out for Tina Tang coming to a T.V. near you, lol. And get this: It has only been 2 weeks!I know some of you may be jealous after reading this and I apologize but, what can I say I’M a LUCKY GIRL.

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