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The Office

tina tang

by NoelleI like to pretend that the staff here at tina tang is actually the staff of the show "The Office".Tina plays the roll of Michael Scott, the zany boss who is constantly coming up with hilarious ideas to boost staff moral, increase sales, and to just genarally make the work place more interesting.Bobbie reminds me of Pam Beesly, the receptionist at the office. She deals with talking to magazine people, is always sweet mannered and in a good mood, but has a wonderfully subtle sharp sense of humor.Chloe plays the part of Dwight Schrute, the slightly neurotic salesman. She is tight with the boss and is very eager and enthusiastic about her job. Some of the things she says are bizzare, yet hilarious and relative. She often thinks people in the office are conspiring against her.Noelle is similar to Andy Bernard, another sales associate. She is a newer addition to the staff, but had no hesitation to start right into the antics of the job. She has raging out of control moments, followed by manic fits of happiness. P-S-Y-C-H-O-P-A-T-H!Troy is Oscar Martinez, the accountant. Troy keeps everyone together here at the office. He is the glue to our disheveled home .(btw our new Ouroborous Snake Hoops rock!!!)

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