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The Perfect Ring

tina tang

By: JudyWhile working for Tina at Gold Label, I’ve seen many women come into the store looking for that one perfect ring-one, they will never tire of, one that will receive non-stop gasps of attention from a never ending stream of onlookers, one that doesn’t look too overstated or ostentatious, one that cooks dinner, walks the dog, and picks up milk on the way home…all while keeping to the expectations of what your mother and your very traditional, future mother in law truly believe would be the best for you… I’ve noticed that the majority of these conflicts stem from ideas of what others want verses what the “bride-to-be”, herself, wants. You can’t please everybody…or can you? Tina almost always winds up creating a ring from scratch. Tina sits down with said “conflicted woman” and finds out what the most important aspects of the ring are for her. Then, through creative innovation or just plain old-fashioned patience, Tina hammers out all of the details to create a never seen before ring that makes everybody happy (adding everybody’s two cents into the design, one way or another). People just come to the conclusion of “why search endlessly for something that might not even exist-when they could just create what they want-right now. Plus, everyone comes away happy”. Tina becomes part therapist, part grease man, and most of all-part godsend, to “brides-to-be” everywhere or least in NYC proper.

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