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The Perfect Working Environment to Create. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I know you have heard this before, but I have been creatively blocked lately.  I procrastinate and find ways of doing mundane things and have been afraid to sit down to create.This is from the Artist's Way.I have been using The Artists Way by Julia Cameron irregularly for the past half year to keep my creativity flowing.  Lately, I have been negligent about reading her book.  Today, I opened up to a chapter with this quote, "Do not call procrastination laziness.  Call it fear.  Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not finishing." Cameron summed up the crux of my apprehension and procrastination.  I know I am afraid of not creating beautiful things.  I am afraid I have no ideas left.  Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?I also realize my working environment is literally like work.  Here is my work area at home:It's a desk where I have my tools but it's not a "fun" area.No wonder I avoid creating here.  It feels like work.Here is my work area in the studio: Let's just say artists can be messy.My studio desk also feels like an office desk.  When I read in the Artist's Way that the artist is really the child inside, our inner playmate,who wants to have fun, I realized that I need to re-awaken the joyful child again.  "It is joy, not duty, that makes for a lasting bond....In order to work well, many artists find that their work spaces are best dealt with as play spaces."That's my mission figure out how to convert my "work" spaces to areas where I joyfully want to return to. I want to create again.

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  • My boss has a sterile office and I don’t know how he can stand it. I have pictures of hubby and pups, a big boy piggy bank hubby gave me, and other mementos. But the best thing at my desk might be the sticker from my little clementine/tangerine that I stuck on the edge of my monitor right in front of me – it says “hi cutie!” to me every time I look up :-)


  • Your desk is what I am striving for! The book even suggests a little “totem” that makes you feel good like your clementine/tangerine.

    Tina Tang

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