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The Pinnacle of Social Media

tina tang

By ChristinaLately, you hear many conversations about social media and its affect on businesses, interpersonal relationships, and culture and society. We are at the pinnacle of social media and like all things, what goes up, must come down. I've been at the forefront of social media through my internship, having discussions in my Digital Culture class, my marketing job, and in my personal life. What I found was that people are actually reading and listening to what you have to say and are interested! I've always had a more traditional view of print media and person to person communication. The advent of social media scares me to a certain extent. Are we too reliant on social media? Is this causing a dent on our personal lives? Yes and no. I like to think that people should know when to turn off the computer and just read a book or walk your dog. I would like to believe that once the social media craze is over, people will revert back to simple living. Wow, that actually sounds ludicrous. Technological determinism says that media affects society and culture. We see this prevalent in today's society with the changing face of public relations and marketing where there are meetings catered to online promotion. Marketers have to create a "how to" brand yourself because it seems like the only thing people will respond to. What bloggers, tweeters, and facebookers have done is revolutionize our culture into avid media consumers. The question is, whether it is a good or bad thing. You decide.

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