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The Pitbulls of Tina Tang

tina tang

By Tina's Daughter.Allllrighty then, it's time for Tina's Daughter's blog #2. No, it's not going to be about self-mutilation again. I'll turn my attention towards those lovable mutts that you are probably somewhat familiar with if you've ever stepped inside one of our stores...Dog #1: PHOEBEPhoebe was Tina's first pitbull. She was already 4 years old or so when we acquired her (via craigslist) from a distraught family from Long Island, who were selling her because they didn't want Phoebe to be jealous of their newborn baby. As can be implied by the accompanying picture, Phoebe is a couch potato. Nonetheless, she is the "supermodel" of pitbulls. All of the other dogs in our building hate Phoebe because she is beautiful. Phoebe, like most of Tina's family, veers toward the lactose-intolerant side. This dog was apparently trained to go bat-doody-crazy whenever a doorbell is rung, so if you walk in to one of our stores and are immediately barked at, don't take it personally---it's the doorbell's fault. Dog #2: BRUNOLittle Bruno was but a few weeks old when we bought him from a family friend, who had originally bought him from a ghetto-looking guy on a street in Queens (for an amazing bargain!). We changed his name from "Benz" to "Brutus", but then we changed it to "Bruno" after we realized that Brutus was one of the guys who betrayed and murdered Caesar. Bruno used to have a heart-shaped mole on his nose, until Phoebe bit his nostril off in a jealous rage. Actually, this "nostril-dismemberment" would happen twice before the two pitbulls finally got along. Come to think of it, Bruno is one of those high-maintenance doggies--we had to pay for his nose to be stitched back together on two different occasions, and we also have to buy him this really gourmet dog food because he is allergic to almost everything, which makes him scratch his nipples off. And there you have it: a brief biography of Tina Tang's pitbulls. If you're a dog-owner yourself, you should know that our stores are always supplied with dog treats, so bring Rover with you on your next jewelry run. 

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