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The Pleasure of Power Tools. #TinaTang #Showroom

tina tang

I am finally finished unpacking and setting up my jewelry showroom office!  Power tools, this was the key factor to me putting my vision together.  I have Richard Woodcock, boyfriend of my old employee and dear friend, Jennifer Zepeda, to thank for teaching me how to drill, use anchors, test for drywall etc. so that I could put up my own shelves and what not.Here I am sitting at my new desk:I am wearing bear paw slippers in my office.Right behind me I set up my compact jewelry displays.Does it have a gallery feel?Here is my survival kit:Every woman needs to have her own set.The other corner of my office/showroom.   I am still at work because I absolutely love my space.  I really mean it when I say you are welcome anytime!  I would love to have you come by for some afternoon chocolate.

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  • Looking fantastic – and still so very neat and tidy! Congratulations!

    Hoping to stop by sometime this summer. I’ll bring chocolate!


  • the designs are absolutely love.:) i hope to have something like those someday.:)

    sue sensi

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