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The simple pleasures a phone brings. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I have been quietly pining and saving up for the iPad 2 but today I decided the more practical move would be to invest in the iPhone 4.  I use my phone for work all day every day and realized that the iPhone would be the wiser investment.The most important feature on the iPhone for me is the camera as I tweet, facebook and constantly document with photos.  My all time favorite application is Instagram which antiques and filters any photo one takes on the iPhone.  Here I am today with my new purchase which I had to begrudgingly pay full retail for:The filter on Instagram  makes me look like I have few blemishes. That's what I love about it.Note I am still wearing those double teardrop hoop earrings that I wore yesterday.  I literally have been wanting the iPhone for this app since it is only available on iPhone.   I love the way the Instagram filter creates a mood with the skull bracelet I had repaired today for a client:Doesn't the skull bracelet look like it came off a pirate ship?Instagram didn't pay me to talk about it.  I simply love this app.

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